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Posted by Philip on 3 June 2011, 5:09 pm in , ,

Where that leaves us

Suddenly I feel like I've lost myself 
Suddenly I look and I've gone 
Suddenly I turn and I’m back but different
And I need a new place to belong

Currently I have trouble recognising myself
Currently I’m a little undone
Currently I’m blinking and wondering
At a reflection that’s blurred by the sun

I’ve changed
I’ve rearranged
Become just a little deranged, maybe
And I’m just
Not sure yet
Where that leaves me

Presently I’m strewn like a redesigned room
Presently I’m unfamiliar like an unmade bed
Presently I’m creased like the sheet beneath
The pillow where you lay your head

The me, I knew's
Now us, with you 
The I, I was 
Is we, because 
The them, they see 
Is how we may be
Is our future clear 
To all, aware?

I’ve changed
I’ve rearranged
Weighing up a new found purpose
And I’m just
Not sure yet
Where that leaves us