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Posted by Philip Patston on 10 January 2009, 2:25 am in

try something new

As we sit here discussing

Our worlds as they are

We know things must change

It's gone much too far

For the hurt that remaining

Is causing inside

Outweighs the reward

We're out of control

Have to admit that we're fighting the tide

The world as we know it Is not as is told

Addiction and money have

Taken us hold

We've lost it completely

To technology, industry

Ripe for disaster

Computers are faster

Machinery's leaving us redundant in history

We all need to stop the game

Step aside, change the name

Chance a risk, change the hue

Try something new

Try something new

We can't keep believing

We are what we do

When getting a job's

Like reaching the moon

Some people do it

The rest sit and sigh

Working for nothing

Barely surviving

Hardly worth bothering

Wondering why

No use pretending that

Capitalism works

It makes victims of heroes

And heroes of jerks

Life has no meaning

As self esteem wanes

Like mercury falls

On wallpapered walls

Of the few who can say

Their worth still remains