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Posted by Philip Patston on 10 January 2009, 2:16 am in

take your power

Can't decide what to do

Can't decide what to say

Hate not knowing what to do

Can't stand it when I feel this way

What the hell shall I do?

Can't go forward, can't stay

Can't go back, hey hey hey

Caught in a catch 22 situation

Whatever I do seems to cause speculation

Started off doing what then seemed the right thing

Perception changes after reality sets in

Governments have never given us

A right to live the way that suits us

Just controlled our destiny by locking us away

In garbage cans for those of us who'll never get to say

Don't expect power to be given away

To have it you must take it every day

Desire it, want it, see it, be it

Don't let the bastards take it all away

Take your power, take it every day

All this money in the hands

Of cretins who don't understand

What it's like to live your life until spontaneity

Is something that gets eaten by the trap of poverty

Funding application for

A plan that just might work, I swore

"You have to do it our way, can't give up our control

Can't let you take your power, else we'll be on the dole"