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Posted by Philip Patston on 10 January 2009, 2:06 am in


Having witnessed muck-rake of my social perversity

I trust that you fully approve

And cherish the value of human diversity

Great if you do

You're one of too few

Too bad if you don't

Society won't

Your bigotry scold

In fact they'll uphold

Your fascist decision

To flaunt your derision

Upon me.

Living my life on the edge of autonomy

Never quite owning control

Empowerment, rights, the children of sovereignty

Great if I get them

I'd be one of too few

Too bad if I don't

Society won't

Their bigotry scold

In fact they'll uphold

Their fascist decision

To flaunt their derision

Upon me.

Weary of watching the moral majority

Imposing its values upon us

Together, oppressed, we exceed the minority

We're loud and we're proud

Not an ill-gotten few

With strength we will fight

For our worth, for our right

Not to mould to the mould

In fact we'll uphold

Our empowered decision

To flaunt our derision

Upon them.