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Posted by Philip Patston on 10 January 2009, 2:13 am in

monopoly game

The singing dog at midnight pervades the sable street

I follow him, the warrior, not knowing what I'll meet

In the monopoly game we skirmish, but no one draws a knife

But then no body suicides and no one beats his wife

You chance a doubt when you're off the monopoly board

You need a singing dog, you need a singing dog

It’s dangerous when you're off the monopoly board

You need to be a warrior, and consecrate the student

In the monopoly game we're capitalist; the rules you have to


To play the game a winner; you laugh about defeat

And mirrored in the Chance card is society's remorse

Which loses itself in sportsmanship as the game takes it's course

People plead and laugh in the monopoly game

People plead and cry in the street

The singing dog will sing to the monopoly game

But never on the street

He chases running feet

Of the losers as they fight

To live another night

To be warriors who sit

And watch the final bit

Of the monopoly game.