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Posted by Philip Patston on 10 January 2009, 12:33 am

it is ...

Sorry to let you down

I didn't want to see

You looking so discontent

It's hard to believe.

I just had to do

What I had to do

I did it for me

Not in spite of you.

Several considerations

Had to be made.

The pros and their cons

Meticulously weighed.

But then it just dawned

That it came down to me

And what at the time

Felt right for me.

I know you can go

On your own

You don't need me now

The seeds are well sown.

The future is yours

If you only believe

In the good that will come

Out of seeing me leave.

Just accept that it is

Don't regret that it is

Be amazed that it is

Not enraged that it is

Don't deny that it is

Don't ask why that it is

It simply is that it is

It is, because it is.

Hey get off my back.

Don't hand me that crap.

You don't need me nor I you.

I'll keep clear of your trap.

Dependence is something

I crossed off my list.

The knot in my stomach's

Turned into a fist.

Remember that what I do

Is not who I am.

A parent is more than

Just pushing a pram.

Look away from individuals

To the rules that surround

And then you will realise

That we're on common ground.