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Posted by Philip on 28 April 2011, 3:27 pm in , , , , ,

Youth potential for constructive creativity: an example

As I prepare to work on the NZ Government's Campaign to Improve Attitudes and Behaviours Towards Disabled People, I'm inspired by this US youth initiative. This video proves to me that young people often surpass adult's enthusiasm and capacity for understanding diversity and promoting change in creative and innovative ways.

Contrast the behaviour of these young people with the alternative bullying culture and it seems that what adults fail to understand is our responsibility to create the opportunity for young people to express their constructive potential amidst the myriad of media and political demonstrations of violence, competition and negativity.

As Samuel's dad so rightly points out, schools are the hub of community and a school that excludes creates a community that misses out on the opportunity to include all.

It's up to us all to ensure that opportunity is harnessed.