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Posted by Philip on 14 April 2011, 7:54 am in , , ,

Wear pink and think

Bullying stops hereToday is Pink Shirt Day - but it's more than just a day to wear pink and talk about kids being mean to each other because of their sexual preference or gender identity. I think it's a day to reflect on the bullying nature of our society in general.

All of our major institutions use bullying, stand-over and fear tactics to gain power and control over others. We see it in politics, religion, business, media, sport, welfare, social services, education and our justice system.

Let's face it —we live in a bullying world and we deify people who trigger bullying behaviour. 

Donald Trump bullies. Oprah Winfrey bullies. Brian Tamaki bullies. John Key bullies. The All Blacks bully. John Campbell bullies. Teachers bully. Medical specialists bully. Lawyers bully. Work and Income bullies.

The system we live in calls for bullying behaviour, because it's based on competition and getting ahead of each other in order to succeed individually.

But actually we need to get ahead together.

So wear your pink shirt with pride and concern for others today. But remember to check your own behaviour — in conversations, in traffic, in negotiations, even in play — and make sure you're not shoving people aside to get what you think you need to succeed.

Bullying stops here