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Posted by Philip on 5 December 2017, 1:55 pm in , ,

The Trump era of online lies, fake news and bad behaviour

I've been reflecting on the aggressive change in the tone of a lot of online publishing and social media. It seems to me that, while online trolls are nothing new, their volume and voracity have increased profoundly since Donald Trump became the so-called leader of the free world.

In short, in just over a year, Trump seems to have normalised fake news, hatred and bullying on the internet. I'd go further to say that he has popularised it.

It has become almost unsensational to see people ruthlessly posting their opinions on an issue as fact, then personally attacking anyone who disagrees or points out that opinion is not actually fact. Lies and hearsay get twisted into meaningless defensiveness, all in a bid to confirm biases, be right and discredit others.

It's ugly, it's stupid and we are becoming desensitised to the point of not caring. How will this lack of courtesy and respect impact on our children?

I think we all have a responsibility to starve of oxygen people who hide behind blogs and social media in order to vent their anger, envy and narcissism. Don't engage. Block them. Don't feed their fantasies of being important.

Don't let them think they are somehow as entitled as Trump to voice their opinion as fact. One's enough.

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