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Posted by Philip on 17 March 2016, 12:45 pm in , , , , ,

Terrible Trump and Clunky Clinton

I'm no expert in politics but I'm feeling quite concerned about what's going on in America right now. Actually, I'm more than quite concerned — I'm a little terrified.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump shouting

Never before have I been so apprehensive about the outcome of a foreign election campaign. But what started as a joke — Donald Trump running for US President — has emerged into a sure possibility and, even more scary, the alternative of Hillary Clinton seems less than hopeful.

Political rhetoric is abhorrent to me at the best of times but the bigotted, hateful words that spew forth from Trump's mouth are shocking. That such a man could have such overwhelming appeal in this day and age leaves me completely outraged and perplexed. It is scary to see such a fierce embodiment of the shadow cast by the light work of civil liberties and rights, freedom and compassion, equality and justice.

Who would have thought that such reasonable, sensible lightness could cast such a dark, ominous shadow.

The important question, for me, is, can Clinton shed enough light to counter Trump's darkness? In her own right I think she could. I've looked a some of her policies, or "issues" as she calls them (speaking of which, I wonder how her issues with Bill are going), and they're ok — not radical by any means but they're reasonable and fair.

But there's something missing for me. A bit like our last few Labour leaders just haven't had the je ne sais quoi to out-charm John Key, I'm not sure she's got the pizzazz to sway the middle away from Trump. And look at the picture above — she looks like she could be every bit as nasty as the man himself (I bet Bill's seen a lot of that). 

Which brings me to my biggest worry: the American public. After eight years of an African American president, there will be a groundswell of gun-toting, quick-shooting conservatives wanting The White House white again. And they ain't gonna want some goddarn woman in that there House making it all frilly like.

And America is, by and large, a pretty conservative, God-fearing nation. God is white, even for a lot of non-white people. And a man. And nasty and judgemental and punishing too — in fact, a lot like Donald Trump, come to think about it.

So I can only hope the Republicans are lulled into a false enough sense of security about Trump that a significant number don't vote. Meanwhile, a hell of a lot of Democrats need to realise they've got to completely swamp the polls to get Clinton in.

Because, honestly, if Trump trumps Clinton in November, he won't settle for just being President of the United States of America. He's going to think and act like he's President of The World. And that's a reality I don't even want to consider.

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