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Flying with wheels – a uniquely common event

Posted by Philip on 6 May 2015, 4:30 pm in , , , , , ,

I fly a lot. More often than I'd choose. But I fly when the need beckons – though seldom, even never, unless I'm issuing an invoice.

Last Monday saw me fly from Auckland to Wellington and back in a day – relievedly, an almost unprecedented phenomenon. I was with Sam and Kylie again (about whom I wrote a week or so back). It was Kylie's first time flying with me – or anyone using a wheelchair I believe – so Sam and I created a list of common occurrences for Kylie to "check off" as we went from airport to plane and plane to airport. Twice. In one day.

The list went something like this:

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Walking: intrinsic value or mere consequence of human evolution

Posted by Philip on 10 March 2013, 12:19 pm in , , , , , , ,

On Friday a wheel fell off my power chair. To be specific, one of the powered wheels fell off my chair. Literally, the axle snapped.

I use a hybrid power chair system, called e-Fix. It consists of two motorised wheels, a battery and a joystick, that fit onto a standard lightweight chair frame. It's really cool and the only one in NZ, but it's new technology.

In three years it's broken twice, every eighteen months or so. Last time one wheel broke, they were both sent back to Germany, where it was designed. When I got them back, the entire mechanism had been improved, which made the system better. Bonus.

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