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Terrible Trump and Clunky Clinton

Posted by Philip on 17 March 2016, 12:45 pm in , , , , ,

I'm no expert in politics but I'm feeling quite concerned about what's going on in America right now. Actually, I'm more than quite concerned — I'm a little terrified.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump shouting

Never before have I been so apprehensive about the outcome of a foreign election campaign. But what started as a joke — Donald Trump running for US President — has emerged into a sure possibility and, even more scary, the alternative of Hillary Clinton seems less than hopeful.

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The light and shadow of police

Posted by Philip on 21 March 2012, 7:24 am in , ,

When I studied social work in the early 90s, we were taught that the Police were the "Government's gang" (back then, but not so much now, the "white gang", even).

The way they operate, their structure, their demand for loyalty — all have similarities to gang culture. They have a patch, just like gangs. The difference is, their actions are sanctioned by law and society.

Of course the parallels are not exact. But a visit to Manukau Police HQ last week with Leadership NZ reminded me that, through the Police lens, it is easy to divide society into good and bad, right and wrong, those who obey the law and those who don't.

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My new tattoo [video]

Posted by Philip on 16 December 2011, 11:01 pm in , , , , ,

Here's a video of me getting my first tattoo.

The design starts with my sun sign Capricorn which merges into the lemniscate or symbol of infinity.  Growing leaves sprout from paths that lead around my wrist. Decaying leaves and shadow paths feature on the underside. The design encapsulates my birth, the potential of my life, the processes of growth and decay and paths I have taken and those I could have taken. It also depicts spaces in between which give rise to possibility.

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