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10 Everyday Things That Could Do With A Damn Good Creative Rethink

Posted by Philip on 29 July 2013, 2:03 pm in , , ,

Technology being what it is today, I'm often amazed at how far we've come in some areas of design and functionality, yet some things have hardly moved at all or — even worse — gone backwards. Here are ten things we use everyday that, I think, could use a damn good rethink and upgrade to 21st century existence. 

1. Petrol pumps

How long has petrol been around? Wikipedia says since the late 1800s though, in its more modern form, since the 1920s.  Yet how long since the design of petrol pump nozzles was updated. They're heavy, clunky, they leak and they're unsightly. Surely by now they'd be a neat little fitting that clicks in, clicks out and starts with the touch of an electronic button. Even better they'd robotically connect, fill, disconnect and allow you to pay by mobile EFTPOS. Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating for increased use of fossil fuels; I just want it to be easier to use until I can choose electricity — or solar power for that matter.

2. Tissue boxes

They're fine until they get to about a third full and then all hell breaks loose. More than one comes out, they fall to the bottom of the box, you put your hand in to pull them out again, you rip the box and then it's all over. All you'd need is a false bottom with a little spring to hold the tissues up at the top of the box until they're finished. Easy.

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Address to the EOPHEA (Equal Opportunity Practitioners in Higher Education Australasia) Conference 2011

Posted by Philip on 30 November 2011, 7:00 am in , , ,

As promised, here is the blog remix I presented yesterday at the EOPHEA Conference. Hi and thanks to those who attended. You'll see I only got about halfway through ;-)  

How to create more rainbows

I work in the area of social change, and I often find it hard to explain what exactly I do. So I'm going to demonstrate it. At the end of this talk, by listening to it, you will have changed, just a little, as will I have also, simply by saying it. And that, in essence, is the nature of social change.

I want to tell you two stories and link them to four ideas: gratitude, compassion, rainbows and leadership. First story: A few months ago my boyfriend and I went to stay a night at the Westin Hotel down on the viaduct. We checked in to one room with a double bed so it was obvious we were a couple. The two guys on the desk, whom we presumed were straight, didn't blink an eye and were polite and professional to the extreme.

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Wear pink and think

Posted by Philip on 14 April 2011, 7:54 am in , , ,

Bullying stops hereToday is Pink Shirt Day - but it's more than just a day to wear pink and talk about kids being mean to each other because of their sexual preference or gender identity. I think it's a day to reflect on the bullying nature of our society in general.

All of our major institutions use bullying, stand-over and fear tactics to gain power and control over others. We see it in politics, religion, business, media, sport, welfare, social services, education and our justice system.

Let's face it —we live in a bullying world and we deify people who trigger bullying behaviour. 

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