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NZ Prime Minister – zoom out or get out

Posted by Philip on 20 February 2012, 8:33 pm in , ,

"State housing should be a stepping stone and was no longer about a home for life," Prime Minister John Key says on Stuff.co.nz

That's all very well, but everyone "should" have equal –or at least equitable – access, opportunity and resources to acquire and retain the basic need of shelter.

They don't. Until they do, the Prime Minister is failing to see the bigger picture. 

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Destiny City or jails...hmm, tough choice

Posted by Philip on 11 January 2012, 6:16 pm in , ,

So Brian Tamaki is now wanting millions of taxpayers' dollars to build Destiny City, in order to keep people out of Government-built jails.

Who do we trust more?

A man who believes the Earth was created in 7 days by a big Guy in the sky who loves you unless you disobey him? Or a dysfunctional bureacratic system led by elected mini-celebrities who believe they have all the answers?

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Schoolboy politics

Posted by Philip on 22 November 2011, 10:08 am in , , , ,

Last night's TV3 Campbell Live leaders debate between John Key and Phil Goff was yet another display of adolescent bravado, reminiscent of a high school debate. The moot: That I am better than you.

School bully Key, smug about getting A's in accounting and used to winning, openly sulked when Goff, not as natually gifted at the subject, showed that he'd knuckled down and done his homework. Key sulked and scowled openly when Goff unexpectedly rebuffed his right-wing economic arguments.

Goff, the nerdy guy that hangs out with the girls because he gets teased by the boys for having feelings, smirked when he realised he'd remembered the stuff right. I imagine he went off set to giggle in delight with his girlfriends at his accidental cleverness.

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Political policies I'd die for

Posted by Philip on 7 November 2011, 7:02 am in , , , ,

I remember saying once at a political forum I addressed as a comedian, "If I ever get into politics, someone shoot me." I still stand by that directive.

But were I to lose all reason for some reason and start, say, the Diversity New Zealand Party, here are some policy ideas I'd like to rabidly bark out in true politician style, before I received a bullet to the temple:

Health policy

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Political leaders are actually political managers

Posted by Philip on 2 November 2011, 10:18 am in , , ,

Seth Godin recently wrote: "Managers want authority. Leaders take responsibility."

I tried to watch the recent so-called Leaders' Debate between Key and Goff but, quite frankly, I got bored. But the little I did see seemed very much like the two arguing for authority, not taking responsibility.

I have no confidence in the current political system in this country nor, generally, those who partake in it, because it is polarised and ego driven. If, as we are told, MPs were our elected, representative leaders, they would be collaborating and negotiating, being generous and creative. They would be taking responsibility for creating a constructive, civil leadership environment. They would understand that there are no "right" policies and decisions — there are simply outcomes, good and bad, from any policy or decision, to which a plethora of sensible responses are needed.

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To choose or not to choose: is it our choice?

Posted by Philip on 20 May 2011, 11:22 am in , , , , ,

A road sign pointing to many directionsThis morning I posted this quote on my Facebook page:

”Your feelings are your response to what you are being, but your being is not a response to anything. It is a choice." Neale Donald Walsch.

It created a great conversation with Sam and Sharon within an hour, early even though it was. I thought I’d summarise it as a blog as I think it brings up interesting about the nature of choice and whether the belief that we lack choice is the cause or the result of hurtful circumstances.

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Disability sector needs financial shake-up

Posted by Philip on 19 February 2011, 11:06 am in , , ,

I'm deeply concerned at the Government's seemingly defiant response to the Court of Appeal's upholding an Employment Court decision against an IHC provider which had paid a shift allowance of about $30 and was opposed to an hourly minimum-wage rate.

We might just have to change the law, says Health Minister Tony Ryall. 

This is yet another of several attempts to undermine the quality of life of people experiencing disability, and those who support us, in NZ.

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Open letter to Chester Borrows

Posted by Philip on 17 February 2011, 8:32 am in , , , ,

UPDATE 19 Feb: GayNZ.com story

Dear Chester Borrows

Last night on TVNZ7's Backbenches you engaged in a discussion about the merits of bringing back the Hero Parade. You said that, personally you didn't support the Parade; that you didn't think being gay or lesbian necessarily made people heroes; that no-one should define themselves or be defined by their sexual preference; and that people should be freely able to love whomever they choose.

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What is natural support?

Posted by Philip on 24 December 2010, 2:07 pm in , , ,

The government won’t pay parents to provide care for their disabled children as they see this as natural support. 

Leesa Ross is the mother of two daughters – one, 13, is disabled and the other, 15, isn't. She compares "natural support" for both on a typical weekend or day in the school holidays.

Click here to read her comparison »

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Jailed father highlights Ministerial hypocrisy

Posted by Philip on 17 November 2010, 9:44 am in , ,

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This morning I was incensed to read that "an Auckland man has been jailed and his partner given community detention for dishonestly claiming nearly $26,000 (over seven years) in carer support payments for their disabled child."

Meanwhile MPs are misusing perks for business gains; and health providers including GPs, pharmacists and rest homes are ripping off millions according to Health Ministry figures.

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