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Real-ising diversity – why polarity no longer works

Posted by Philip on 5 January 2016, 9:58 am in , , , , , , , , , ,

Update 6 January 2016

According to the NZ Herald, "the woman who says she had her teeth knocked out for speaking Te Reo outside an Auckland karaoke bar has been charged with assault alongside her alleged attacker." A police statement said, "The version of events given by the 46-year-old female is not substantiated by this footage."

A woman was punched in the face and lost five teeth on New Year's Eve, because she spoke Te Reo. She said, "Ka kite ano (see you later)," to friends, then was sworn and shouted at by a man for being "palagi" and speaking Māori. When she challenged him back, he attacked her.

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The Internet loves a rant

Posted by Philip on 24 February 2015, 8:34 am in , , , , ,

Google Analytics spike in viewsOn Sunday I ranted about the response to the protest at the Pride Parade. It was one-sided, personal (apologies, Richard Taki, if you’re reading) and lacked the usual, considered perspective I like to apply to my posts.

But, I tell you, I’m blown away by how much attention I received. Nearly 2.5 thousand views, over thirty comments. People arguing on my blog — strangers! That’s an increase in my online attention of hundreds of percent.

Since writing, events have been reviewed via camera footage, the protesters themselves and an  eye witness. It seems what was initially reported may have been inaccurate, the police were not implicated and, as one commenter on my blog pointed out, I wasn’t there. Fair cop (excuse the pun, it just slipped out).

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Polarity in accessibility

Posted by Philip on 8 February 2014, 11:22 am in , , , , ,

An article in this morning's local rag gives me a perfect opportunity to begin to share with you some of the insights I gained at the retreat I attended last week on polarity, run by the superb Sue Davidoff and Allan Kaplan of the Proteus Initiative in South Africa (I've mentioned Allan and Sue, and the amazing insights I've had through their teaching, in other posts).

The retreat looked at the impact of polarity in its many forms. More common examples of polarity are light and dark/shadow, finite and infinite, growth and decay. Some of the less obvious aspects we worked with were detail and form, extensiveness and intensiveness, and our impact on the world and others' impact on our world.

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