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"Should we believe this or not?" sure ain't gonna fix it

Posted by Philip on 28 April 2014, 3:23 pm in , , , , , ,

Yes! No!The last episode of TVNZ's Sunday left me wondering whether the human condition will ever evolve to a level beyond which binary logic prevails. Maverick Australian broadcaster Derrin Hinch's crusade for a public sex offenders' register epitomises, once again, the inability for people to problem-solve further than a choice between A or B, yes or no, true or false. 

Our own duality demon, legal highs, is another prolific example of politicians (but aren't they just better paid, yet not necessarily better quality broadcasters, really?), this time caving to the whim of a few hysterical could-be voters, who can't live with a few people blowing a few unused brain cells on synthetic cannabinoids to avoid going to prison. The current law was actually a reasonable attempt to find a happy medium — silly them, they made a mistake.

The majority of society thinks that children will be safe from sex offenders if we publicly name and shame them, and that addicts will be rid of drugs if we ban them. That is a really BIG problem. A public opinion poll — "Should we believe this or not?" — sure ain't gonna fix it.

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Legal highs? Just legalise

Posted by Philip on 25 April 2014, 12:59 pm in , , , , ,

cannabis headIf you caught Campbell Live's item on legal highs last night, you may have had the same reaction as me, which I expressed in this tweet:

The issue of legal highs is one of those unnecessary consequences of poor logic of both our political leaders and the mainstream of society. Legal highs have joined the list of legal substances, alcohol and tobacco, that are proven more harmful than marijuana. It's just ridiculous beyond belief.

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