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Rainbow distraction

Posted by Philip on 24 February 2015, 1:46 pm in , , , , ,

pinkwashed-rainbowSince the Pride Parade protest and the GayTM and police pinkwashings, the Muppets' "Rainbow Connection" has been in my brain. I just had to rewrite the lyrics!

So thanks to Sam for helping out with the new title, the original lyrics are here and if anyone wants to sing it and put it on YouTube or SoundCloud, or suggest better changes, let me know!

Here goes...1, 2, 3...

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I'm not Steady Eddy

Posted by Philip on 16 February 2015, 11:50 am in , , , , , ,

Picture of Steady Eddy and me insetI thought I'd busted the myth that I was/am Steady Eddy long ago. But after attending and presenting at a hui on Friday where, by the end of the day people still thought I was joking that he and I are different people, I thought I should, once again, set the record straight (in more ways than one).

Disabled-World.com says, "Steady Eddy is the stage name of Christopher Widdows, an Australian comedian and actor. Initially, Widdows used his disability as the basis for his comedy. Having since made a name for himself, he has branched out beyond humour based solely around his disability."

Steady Eddy visited New Zealand in the mid-late 90s, at about the same time as I started doing comedy. Because we were both touted as disabled comedians with Cerebral Palsy well, I suffered a bit of brand confusion. And I guess 'Steady Eddy' is more memorable than 'Philip Patston'.

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The power of labels — is it time to move on?

Posted by Philip on 1 March 2014, 11:51 am in , , ,

Label saying "Who are you?"Yesterday I posted a meme, which said, “Better to have lost in love than to live with a psycho for the rest of your life.”

I liked it of course, otherwise I wouldn’t have posted it. Eleven others did too, some commenting on Facebook, “Amen to that,” and “Definitely!!”

Then this: “Hate it. It’s beat up on people with mental illness time again. Ever had the amazing person you love tell you that they just can't deal with your mental illness anymore? Our society is totally phobic about people with mental illness having intimate relationships.”

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My first music video: As Love Draws Near

Posted by Philip on 6 July 2012, 2:02 pm in , , , , ,

Buy the single on Amplfier Buy the single on Amplfier

At long last –well actually, it didn't take as long as I expected – here's the music video for As Love Draws Near, the first of a musical collaboration with Arli Liberman. Thanks to the team at Borderless Productions for a great experience and superfast turnaround. Thanks also to the actors and extras who were involved. Enjoy – and if you like it, please spread the word!

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