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End of NZ's state housing era — brave move or sad times?

Posted by Philip on 15 April 2014, 8:34 am in , ,

This morning the NZ Herald ran an editorial supporting the idea that state housing being awarded to tenants for life has been consigned to history.

I think it's sad that an era of Government ensuring a home for life has ended. It's not like shelter is a luxury — it's a necessity for everyone.

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Total disrespect of State tenants, even from Labour!

Posted by Philip on 1 October 2012, 12:50 pm in , , , ,

"Labour's housing spokeswoman, Annette King, said [high value Housing NZ] homes should be sold." reported The Herald on Friday.

She continued, "A place that's worth $1.3 million could provide three houses. I have no problem with state house tenants being rehoused into another house, a suitable house, if it's going to enable more families to be housed."

I never thought I'd hear a Labour politician put money above the respect and dignity of a Housing NZ tenant. But, it seems, even the left now can't see past dollar signs to recognise that a house – even one owned by the Government – is more than just a house.

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NZ Prime Minister – zoom out or get out

Posted by Philip on 20 February 2012, 8:33 pm in , ,

"State housing should be a stepping stone and was no longer about a home for life," Prime Minister John Key says on Stuff.co.nz

That's all very well, but everyone "should" have equal –or at least equitable – access, opportunity and resources to acquire and retain the basic need of shelter.

They don't. Until they do, the Prime Minister is failing to see the bigger picture. 

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What I learnt about Housing NZ from Facebook

Posted by Philip on 15 December 2011, 7:14 am in , , , ,

I had a huge response on Facebook to the post I wrote last night about my dealings with Housing New Zealand. I appreciate the support from people who have commented and tweeted.

What has been interesting as a by-product are the other stories people have told about Housing NZ - admittedly they are hearsay but they give me cause for concern:

  • "a tetraplegic woman with very high medical needs being kicked out of her fully customised modified home of 15yrs to give it up for a refuge family of 9 with no access requirements"
  • "a person who had been asking for 7 years to be moved out of a Freemans Bay HNZ flat where drugs, prostitution and every other vice was going on...even though HNZ had 14 days to sort it out, get rid of the tenant who was terrorising everybody else they sat on their hands until [they were] threatened with public exposure"
  • "someone being evicted with 18 hours' notice"
  • "a HNZ worker asking why a client with a major anxiety disorder couldnt just get out and look for a house"
  • "cases of highly unsafe and unsanitary environments not fit for animals to live in"

If these constitute the usual tip of the proverbial iceberg, what is going on in Housing NZ? Where is the consistency and communication of rational policy in a Government-run organisation established to ensure the shelter of those impacted by an inaccessible, over-priced, unstable housing market?

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Housing NZ continues to ignore threat on my life

Posted by Philip on 14 December 2011, 5:49 pm in , ,

Update 15 Dec: I have had contact with Housing NZ and wheels seem to be turning. Will keep you informed. Thanks all once again for your support.

Some may know I've been harassed by my neighbour since April this year. He's banged on walls, yelled homopohobic abuse, thrown water, among other things. I've complained repeatedly to my landlord, Housing New Zealand.

A few weeks ago, he was arrested for breaching a trespass order (which he told me wouldn't stop him killing me) when he came onto my property to abuse and assault my gardener for blowing a leaf onto his garden.

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