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Grieving in advance

Posted by Philip on 10 March 2016, 11:10 am in , , , , , , , ,

Meg, my greyhound, is sick. She's been out of sorts for about three weeks. Last Friday I took her to a vet, who diagnosed her with three rotten teeth (apparently greyhounds are renowned for having lousy teeth) and some sort of gastric issue.

The vet quoted $2000 for tests and dental work. That didn't sound right so I emailed my usual vet who does home visits. She came over last night to look at Meg and we talked about what might be going on. Meg's been struggling to lie down and stand up, so she may have arthritis. She's also drinking a lot, which could mean liver or kydney problems.

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Iconic buildings are still just buildings

Posted by Philip on 3 March 2012, 8:10 am in , , , ,

Last night I, somewhat provocatively, posted on Twitter and Facebook, "Cathedrals come, cathedrals go. Sorry Christchurch. It's just a building."

Twitter ignored me, but on Facebook, my comment caused quite a storm of protest as NZ sat waiting for its weather bomb to hit.

I was booed and accused of being "heartless" and "insincere" in my apology. I was told Christchurch cathedral is "an icon, the symbol of Christchurch", in fact "the most symbolic building ... People get emotionally attached to these things, have memories attached to them". Apparently, we should "acknowledge the hurt of the people who loved it for religious or whatever reasons."

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