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Is the wonder of diversity getting lost in fear of being wrong?

Posted by Philip on 23 September 2013, 9:58 am in , , , ,

Young male looks scared

In my twenties, I used to run disability awareness workshops, mainly for people working in disability services. I had an assumption and an agenda — they were wrong and I was there to show them that and tell them how to be right.

Over the years, I've met people who had been in those workshops. They've told me they'd never forgotten the workshop and how scared of me they were.

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The difference between doing and being diversity

Posted by Philip on 30 July 2013, 10:35 am in , , , ,

Organisations that "do" diversity:

  • Have policies, strategies and plans to manage it
  • Get trained in different aspects of diversity - gender, culture, sexuality, disability
  • Have "ethnic" days, lunches, etc
  • Count staff categories
  • Try hard to work out how to attract a wider range of employees and customers
  • Apply for diversity awards and have diversity groups
  • Desperately try not to offend anyone
  • Have to manage complaints
  • Take diversity very seriously

Organisations that "are" diversity:

  • Encourage self awareness and reflection amongst staff to let it lead the organisation
  • Talk about diversity around the lunch table
  • Have staff who offer to share their beliefs, values, customs and lives with each other
  • Are open to changing things when people come and go
  • Naturally attract a wide range of employees and customers
  • Forgive people for getting things wrong
  • Generously explain to each other why something may be offensive
  • Play with and explore diversity

Most organisations do diversity. What they really do is categorise and represent people.

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