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Remembering my purpose — revisited

Posted by Philip on 7 October 2016, 2:45 pm in , , , , , , , ,

Last week I blogged about my purpose. I said I felt purposeless, and wondered if being purposeless was, in fact, my purpose for now.

I've changed my mind. I wonder if surrendering my purpose was part of rediscovering it. I also wonder if my parents bringing a whole lot of newspaper clipping from when I was born has helped me remember.

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Remembering my purpose

Posted by Philip on 29 September 2016, 1:43 pm in , , , , , , ,

Last night I had the privilege to host a conversation evening facilitated b​y Sue Davidoff and Allan Kaplan of the Proteus Initiative. I've blogged about a couple of retreats I've done with them and I wanted to do another next week but couldn't make it because of work and my support needs.

So I invited 15 others who have also worked with Allan and Sue​ to my place for a shared meal and conversation​​​​​. I shared the issue I wanted to explore​:

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The difference between doing and being diversity

Posted by Philip on 30 July 2013, 10:35 am in , , , ,

Organisations that "do" diversity:

  • Have policies, strategies and plans to manage it
  • Get trained in different aspects of diversity - gender, culture, sexuality, disability
  • Have "ethnic" days, lunches, etc
  • Count staff categories
  • Try hard to work out how to attract a wider range of employees and customers
  • Apply for diversity awards and have diversity groups
  • Desperately try not to offend anyone
  • Have to manage complaints
  • Take diversity very seriously

Organisations that "are" diversity:

  • Encourage self awareness and reflection amongst staff to let it lead the organisation
  • Talk about diversity around the lunch table
  • Have staff who offer to share their beliefs, values, customs and lives with each other
  • Are open to changing things when people come and go
  • Naturally attract a wide range of employees and customers
  • Forgive people for getting things wrong
  • Generously explain to each other why something may be offensive
  • Play with and explore diversity

Most organisations do diversity. What they really do is categorise and represent people.

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