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Stuck in the past or intent on the future?

Posted by Philip on 9 February 2012, 9:13 pm in , , ,

At a meeting I attended today, a lot of discussion centred on a process for planning a consultation hui, which those at the meeting thought was excluding of their perspective.

It was, but more than 50% of the two hour meeting was spent talking about how bad, unfair, hurtful, wrong, etc, etc the exclusion was. 

Maybe I'm getting too long in the tooth but I can't see the point of getting swamped in "should haves" and "shouldn't haves" in the past.

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Sand castles, sand piles and social change

Posted by Philip on 17 January 2012, 8:18 pm in , , , ,

I love the idea of entropy, explained eloquently by the BBC's Dr Brian Cox.  According to Wikipedia, "In statistical mechanics, entropy is a measure of the number of ways in which a system may be arranged, often taken to be a measure of "disorder" (the higher the entropy, the higher the disorder)." 

Watch this video and then let's consider entropy from a social change perspective.

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Happy New Year and I'm not doing anything I don't want to do

Posted by Philip on 10 January 2012, 8:21 pm in , , , , , , ,

Hello, it's 2012 - hope you had a great break. So, are you ready for change?

Not cataclysmic, apocalyptic, chronomatic, revelational change.

I mean subtle, gentle, influential and revolutionary change. Like this:

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Dining in France

Posted by Philip on 17 November 2011, 7:10 am in , , ,

Last night I dined in France with friends. In a little private courtyard, surrounded by trees. There was beautiful food, wine and we laughted a lot.

Actually, it was at an inaccessible restaurant in Long Bay, NZ.

But they were creative and generous and set up a table out the back. We used our imaginations.

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I could have been homeless

Posted by Philip on 3 November 2011, 7:21 am in , , , ,

People have asked me in the past, "What do you think you would be like if you hadn't been disabled?"

It's a bit of a silly question and I've often answered dismissively, "Like my twin brother."

But a question that has more interest to me is, "What could have happened differently, had I had common rather than unique function?"

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You are NOT entitled!

Posted by Philip on 19 October 2011, 8:26 am in , ,

I've been noticing this in so many people lately that I just have to rant about it: entitlement.

Why do people think they're entitled to anything?

  • "Because I'm marginalised."
  • "Because I'm an employee."
  • "Because I'm your partner."
  • "Because somebody wronged me."
  • "Because I had a hard upbringing."
  • "Because other people have too much."
  • "Because...because...because..."

Entitlement is arrogant. It is an unnegotiated expectation that someone else will fulfill your desires. It is a deliberate shirking of self-responsibility. It is a naive belief that you should have something because you think it's right. It's a total disregard for your own creativity. 

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Congratulations, you’re wrong!

Posted by Philip on 30 April 2011, 4:08 pm in , , , , ,

photo of hand with thumb downThis year I’m heavily involved in some exciting new and creative social change projects. I’ve been running the inaugural “Be. Leadership” programme since February; I’m designing an online social change toolkit with the Ministry of Social Development as part of the NZ Government's Campaign to Improve Attitudes and Behaviours Towards Disabled People; and I’m a member of a Ministry of Health National Reference Group to support a new model of delivering disability support. To top it off I’m a judge of Arts Access Aotearoa’s Big 'A’ Awards and have a huge bound volume of 22 applications sitting on my desk, begging me to wade through it.

The common denominator in these things is that, not only are most of the projects themselves firsts, but they are all areas of work in which, to a large extent, I’ve never been involved before. Hence there is the huge likelihood that things will go wrong. That’s had me feeling slightly on edge.

As luck – or destiny depending on your frame of mind – would have it, I happened upon a fantastic TEDTalk a couple of weeks ago by Kathryn Schulz, entitled “On being wrong” (embedded below). Schultz confronts directly the human need to be right all the time, exposing it as a fundamental flaw in logic. She acknowledges that, though we often grudgingly admit we learn from our mistakes, we still feel bad, embarrassed, even a failure, when we are wrong.

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A certain uncertainty

Posted by Philip on 1 March 2011, 9:53 am in , , ,

Most societies in the modern world invest a lot of time, money and importance in creating certainty*. Religious leaders preach about a certain god. Politicians debate over certain policy. Businesses plan for certain outcomes and profits. The media provides certain commentary. Accountants assure us of certain financial strategies.

Then Nature, in the form of weather, earthquakes and other events, says, "Just a second, let's get one thing straight. Nothing is certain."

We respond in shock, terror, disbelief and, sometimes, even outrage. How could this happen? What will we do? All our planning gone to waste. How dare our security be ripped from us, without warning, planning, consultation!

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Diversity, creativity, change – with leadership from the arts

Posted by Philip on 28 November 2010, 11:31 am in , , , , ,

Last night I skyped with several artists involved in Liverpool's DadaFest and had a fascinating conversation about diversity, creativity, change and the arts.

This video begins at the end of my introduction where I talked about how I came to establish the International Guild of Disabled Artists & Performers (IGODAP).

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Changing gear – it’s all about the clutch

Posted by Philip on 30 August 2010, 4:52 pm in , , , , ,

Diagram of a clutch

I’ve been going like the clappers for the last week, trying to complete an application to Creative New Zealand to record some music to add to my creative repertoire. Getting quotes and references, writing philosophies and budgets, creating plans and rationales. I have been writing and rewriting, questioning my motives for wanting to do this, feeling anxious that my 890 Facebook friends and 325 Twitter followers won’t like my stuff and wondering if what I do is good enough to be funded anyway.

Then I got an email from an arts advisor:

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