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Money doesn't make us noteworthy

Posted by Philip on 17 September 2012, 7:57 am in , , , ,

Last week I was at a forum at which one of the speakers was a successful business person. I can't reveal who it was, as the forum was confidential. This person had a confident manner to the point of arrogance, listing their virtues in no uncertain terms, bragging that they'd made a $500,000 profit from a $1m turnover in their first year of trading.

It wasn't pretty.

They then went on to say that they had begun having a voice in the social policy sphere. They believed that more common sense was needed, that women should think more like men and that entitlement was bringing the country — and society — to its knees.

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Leading with Hope

Posted by Philip on 8 September 2012, 8:13 am in , , , ,

Lesley Slade, with whom I have the absolute pleasure of leading Be. Leadership (and even more fun prepping and debriefing), used to be the CEO of Leadership New Zealand. She wrote the following article in LNZ's July 2008 magazine, "Leaders".

I think it still has tremendous relevance four years later, perhaps more so, and she has kindly allowed me to reproduce it.

Throughout the course of the last three and a half years there have been several consistent messages from leaders who have shared their thinking, leadership experience and their stories with programme participants on the LNZ leadership programme. One recurring message that I have thought about a great deal is that New Zealanders are innovative and creative people but do not have a shared vision for the future. Just recently David Skilling, outgoing CEO of the New Zealand Institute, was quoted in the NZ Herald as saying, "My view increasingly over the last several years is that the real challenge facing New Zealand is that we don’t know what we want as a country."

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When caring isn't quite enough

Posted by Philip on 5 September 2012, 4:20 pm in , , ,

Last week I went to the Tenancy Tribunal because, once again, Housing New Zealand placed a tenant next door to me who was known to Police for violent and anti-social behaviour. He was arrested in late May for disturbing the peace and threatening other neighbours in my street; luckily I was away.

Since June I have been working with HNZ to reach a creative solution to stop this repeated flaw in their placement process happening again. I suggested they convert the duplex I live in into one dwelling. They refused my suggestion once and then again when I asked for a review of decision.

They did, however, move the nextdoor tenant. But this resulted in him abusing me verbally from outside, leaving me feeling threatened enough to call the Police. Though he's been gone for ten days, I am still aware that he is aggrieved and knows where I live.

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Take it from me: diversity, creativity, change and mental health

Posted by Philip on 8 August 2012, 1:13 pm in , , ,

Here's the interview I did yesterday with Sheldon Brown on "Take It From Us", a radio show about mental health and wellness on Planet FM.

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Racism - fact not judgement

Posted by Philip on 2 August 2012, 8:28 pm in , , , ,

I find it interesting how defensive white middle-class men — and some women — get when racism is named (all generalisations are lies). I witnessed it recently.

Defensiveness reveals guilt and shame, or self blame, which will not create change. 

Leaders, in particular, need to grasp that racism is a fact, not a judgement. We are born into a racist social structure.

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Keeping it in perspective

Posted by Philip on 18 July 2012, 6:32 pm in , , , , ,

I don't know how you are feeling right now, but I'm a bit overwhelmed by stress and pressure. In particular, I'm having issues with bureaucracy and health.

I'm noticing that bureacracy seems to be collapsing around us; in particular, non-communication seems to be a strategy to avoid accountability. I'm also witnessing many people struggling with illness and pain.

But wait. Let's put some perspective around it.

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As Love Draws Near

Posted by Philip on 12 July 2012, 6:31 pm in , , , , , , ,



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"As Love Draws Near" tells the story of how we all have the opportunity to move from fear to love by removing the labels that tie us down. The core message of this video is to encourage people to engage in social change and for individuals to accept diversity and who we really are.

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IF only: reflections on individualised funding

Posted by Philip on 7 July 2012, 3:23 pm in , ,

My intentions to blog each day from the Individualised Funding conference I attended a couple of weeks ago were somewhat thwarted by memory and access to technology. It's always harder to type away from the old desk.

But, after a week to digest my thoughts, I will hopefully have created a more distilled reflection on this minefield of change happening on a global level in the paternalistic quagmire of disability support.

A change in the business model

At the heart of Individualised Funding (IF), called different things around the world (Direct Payments in the UK, Individual Budgets in the US and 'self-managed' and individualised services in Australia), is a change in the business model of funding disability support.

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Individualised Funding: Systems Not Services; People Not Process

Posted by Philip on 29 June 2012, 6:30 pm in , , , , ,

I presented this workshop: "Individualised Funding:  Systems Not Services; People Not Process", at Imagine Better's Individualised Funding conference this week.

More reflections to come.

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NZ gay press perpetuates stereotypes in its own publication?

Posted by Philip on 5 June 2012, 6:26 pm in , , , , , ,

I don't want to sound like a prude but, even though I know I probably will, I'm going to blog this anyway.

The latest edition of express magazine bears the photo below on the cover. To further illustrate it's "gay-owned and operated eateries" feature, an equally teenage boy-esque / soft porn image of a guy with a sausage in his mouth graces page 2.

I'm actually embarrassed to put the magazine on my home office lounge table, which I normally do, because it is so blatantly sexually suggestive. I can't demonstrate my own celebration of diversity because the publisher of New Zealand's only gay rag/mag chooses to continue such an adolescent display of sexual diversity.

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