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When caring isn't quite enough

Posted by Philip on 5 September 2012, 4:20 pm in , , ,

Last week I went to the Tenancy Tribunal because, once again, Housing New Zealand placed a tenant next door to me who was known to Police for violent and anti-social behaviour. He was arrested in late May for disturbing the peace and threatening other neighbours in my street; luckily I was away.

Since June I have been working with HNZ to reach a creative solution to stop this repeated flaw in their placement process happening again. I suggested they convert the duplex I live in into one dwelling. They refused my suggestion once and then again when I asked for a review of decision.

They did, however, move the nextdoor tenant. But this resulted in him abusing me verbally from outside, leaving me feeling threatened enough to call the Police. Though he's been gone for ten days, I am still aware that he is aggrieved and knows where I live.

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Who cares about caring?

Posted by Philip on 31 January 2012, 12:38 pm in , , ,

"Caring, it turns out, is a competitive advantage, and one that takes effort, not money," blogs business entrepreneur Seth Godin. "Often it's the CEO or the manager who sets a standard of caring about the details. Even better is a culture where everyone cares, and where each person reinforces that horizontally throughout the team."

Of course Godin is talking about caring in a business sense, saying that over time it will attract more customers, more business, more profit.

But what happens to caring in Government agencies, non-profits, even educational institutions, that are oversubscribed and underfunded, and therefore no incentive exists to attract new or repeat custom? Where, in fact, the opposite incentive prevails and the ideal is to decrease demand?

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