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The Vote, the police and the complexity of trust

Posted by Philip on 10 October 2013, 10:24 am in , , , , , ,

NZ Police crest and badgeOnce again I cringed my way through The Vote last night as the programme limped it's way through the moot, "Are the police losing our trust?" As usual, the moot was confusingly negative and could easily be misunderstood — "Do we trust the police?" would have ensured a more accurate outcome.

But what really bugged me was that the debate continually confused the police/justice system with the people who work within it. More disturbing though was that the notion of trust was never explored.

In her TED Talk (below), philosopher Onora O'Neill does a fine job at deconstructing simply the complexity of trust. She say trust is actually a combination of three things:

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Interactive media manipulation lacks integrity @TheVoteNZ

Posted by Philip on 18 June 2013, 9:00 pm in , , , , ,

Until this week I've enjoyed TV3's interactive debate show, The Vote. It's covered some interesting topics - drugs, racism and tax. They don't claim to be scientific, but it's an entertaining, if not reasonably vague, representation of public opinion.

This week though, I think they've gone too far. "This Month's Debate," shouts the website, "Our kids - The problem’s not poverty, it’s parenting. Do you agree?"

The moot is "poorly" put, as I tweeted, pun intended. It is confusing. "The problem’s not poverty, it’s parenting." Poverty is systemic; parenting is individual.

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