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Remembering Shaun McKinney: a legacy of a kinder world.

Posted by Philip on 19 November 2012, 1:27 pm in , , ,

I cannot exactly remember when I first met Shaun, but I distinctly remember noticing his warm, soft soul. As I began to get to know this shy young man, what impressed me was his deep, compassionate nature and a smile that was a magnet to all who encountered him.

Over the years the number of people whose lives were touched by Shaun would reach hundreds. He became an alumni of the first Be. Leadership programme in 2011,  a member of the Board of Rainbow Youth and a participant of Diversityworks Trust's Unique Business self-employment programme in 2012. Shaun was also a member of Diversityworks' Peer Support Network and made this digital story with us, celebrating his trip to Sydney on the AirNZ Pink Flight to attend Sydney’s Mardi Gras Parade.

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