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Election reflection

Posted by Philip on 21 September 2014, 4:45 pm in , , , , ,

I've had a theory for some time now that the early decades of each century are primarily conservative and the later decades are liberal. I'm no historian and I've got no research to back it up because I couldn't be bothered researching.

But I was born in 1967 in the hippy flower power era, followed by the 80s with its androgyny and outlandish fashion; the birth of the internet; and civil right movements left, right and centre. All at the end of the century that saw two world wars, the industrialisation of society and alcohol prohibition.

Now, just 14 years into the 21st century, NZ elects a National government for third term with the highest majority since god knows when and the second lowest vote Labour's ever had. Sure we've had gay marriage, but that has just increasd the numbers trapped by a conservative institution. And I won't be surprised if we prohibit alcohol again once we've made tobacco illegal.

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Envy tax, says PM

Posted by Philip on 25 June 2014, 6:27 pm in , , , , , , , , ,

Labour's "alternative budget" today announced, "High earners will pay a tax rate of 36 percent on income over $150,000. Currently the top tax bracket is 33 percent for people earning over $77,000."

The Prime Minister John Key's surly response: "Envy tax." It's a response that epitomises this Government's entitled, ungenerous and irresponsible approach to the economy.

Key's response is typical of the neo-liberalism of conservative politics. It erodes community, rewards greed and treats money, not only like it's an infinite resource, but that it's an entitlement to have more money than others.

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Labour leaders' narrow answers to a narrow question

Posted by Philip on 12 September 2013, 11:13 am in , , , ,

Over on Labour's blog, leader-hopefuls David Cunliffe, Shane Jones and Grant Robertson fail to inspire me with their answers to one of the most fraught questions of our nation's history – and now, it seems, our future:

  • How are you going to blend the two main traditions we have in New Zealand, Maori and Pakeha, to provide the basic identity profile with which we can go forward into a multi-ethnic future?

I'll critique the question later. But first, the answers, as I said, don't leave me with much hope for the present or future of Labour's leadership.

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Public holidays: honour or habit?

Posted by Philip on 25 April 2013, 12:31 pm in , , , , , , ,

They say old habits die hard and, when it comes to public holidays, old habits seem to be to glorify death and other rituals that are way out of date.

ANZAC Day is one of my pet-hate public holidays. When will we stop glorifying war? It should at least be a day of shame, but to continue etching war into the psyche of New Zealand and Australian culture by having a holiday seems pointless.

I've often shared my thoughts about Christmas. Easter is another cluster-fuqq* of paganism, Christianity and capitalism. Queen's Birthday isn't (and, by the way, will it change when she carks it?) and Labour Day, well, the forty hour week is fast becoming a thing of the industrial past.

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