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Rethinking for scrutiny, not to be right

Posted by Philip on 17 May 2014, 11:27 am in , , , , , , , ,

it's a new ideaFor about seven years I've guest lectured in the Concepts of Rehabilitation paper at AUT University. The students come from a wide range of disciplines including physiotherapy, chiropractics, nursing and occupational therapy.

I ask that students prepare by reading my journal article, Constructive Functional Diversity (CFD), which quite radically challenges the binary notion of disability and non-disability, and suggests new language for the mainly medicalised ideas behind rehab. It also challenges the focus of functional improvement in favour of considering functional value instead.

Then we have a 90-minute conversation.

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Labels — is it possible not to use them?

Posted by Philip on 29 August 2013, 10:46 am in , , ,

vintage-tag-who-are-youThe thing I love about the way I work these days — leading or convening conversations, rather than training — is that the people I work with have full permission to disagree with my ideas. In turn, I get the chance to reflect and learn as well.

So the learning is a two-way or, perhaps rather a cyclical, process. It's a very rich and, I believe, potent dynamic.

Yesterday, I worked with a group of St John National Territory Managers. We were talking about diversity, labelling and being wrong. One of the conversation strands I used was based on a concept coined by Edward de Bono called 'PO'. "[Po] stands for a provocation operation. It signals that what follows is to be used directly as a provocation (that is to say, used for its movement value). A PO provides the some sort of value that has been provided historically by accident, mistake, eccentricity, or individual bold- mindedness. The PO (provocation) serves to take us out of the comfort of an existing pattern."

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