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Kids, meaning and agility

Posted by Philip on 4 April 2015, 1:03 pm in , , , , , , , , ,

Recently I spent an hour at Rosebank Primary School in Avondale, speaking as a Duffy Books in Homes Role Model. It’s something I’ve done a couple of times each year since connecting with Linda Vagana, Duffy’s GM, when we both did the Leadership New Zealand programme in 2012.

It’s a tough but rewarding gig. Primary-aged kids pull no punches as an audience. I’m not the usual and as I begin to speak, the giggles start.

I resist the urge to ask, “What are you laughing at?” To begin with anyway. Instead I ask all 500 to introduce themselves to me – their name, where they come from and a secret about them – all at once. The hall erupts with noise and laughter.

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Reading, success and primary school kids

Posted by Philip on 20 September 2013, 10:10 am in , , , , ,

Yesterday I had the unprecedented pleasure of going to Waterview Primary and speaking about reading and success on behalf of Duffy Books in Homes. I say pleasure in hindsight because, as I tweeted beforehand, I was actually pretty nervous about it:

My fears, however, were unfounded. As soon as I got to the school, kids began coming up to me. They knew who I was, they'd read my tweet and, though most would not have even been born, they knew I was on Shortland Street!

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