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Posted by Philip on 25 July 2016, 5:22 pm in , , , , ,

Strange times

Brexit, Donald Trump and schools policing young men's facial hair — what's going on?It feels like the world is spinning backwards.

Young people despaired at the decision of Britain to leave the EU. Commentators are saying Trump may win the US presidency, simply because he believes in nothing but himself. Schools want to force 17-year-olds to shave.

Is this the world we expected in 2016? It's not what I expected.

Well, it's not what I expected to expect. But, when I stop being aghast, I also stop being surprised.

The shifts I've seen in my near 50 years (yes, I'm 50 next year, yikes!) have been ground-breaking. Disability rights, homosexual law reform, nuclear freedom and anti-aparteid movements, gay rights, gay marriage, immigration rights, environmental and climate awareness, anti-capitalist theory, gender-fluidity discourse, the internet, globalisation, mobile technology, applications for every opportunity...

It's been — and it is — an amazing time to be alive. And it's getting a little scary.

Trump, Brexit, body control, violence, terrorism, extremism. These are the strange but inevitable shadows of our enlightened times.

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