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Reflections on leadership development

The following is what I shared on Saturday night, added to by my co-director Lesley Slade, with the 2015 graduates of the Be. Leadership programme:

Leadership is a tough gig. Leadership development is even tougher. 

It requires the acumen of leadership while sitting with discomfort, confusion and a reconstruction of self. It also requires staying in a process while wanting to run away; and leaving behind attitudes and behaviours you may hold dear.

Each year we watch the simultaneous wonder and despair of this paradoxical process of growth and decay, excitement and disappointment, gratitude and even resentment. 

The most difficult part is to notice the process without judgement, even when you are noticing and grappling with judgement. 

This year, as with former years, we've admired your courage. We've had to watch your struggle, while resisting the temptation to remove the discomfort.

We're proud of your resilience, wholeheartedness, honesty and integrity. We congratulate you for seeing this tough gig through to its end.

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