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Q2 Debate: Society Would Flourish Under Female Rule

This debate is part of a series called Big Ideas from Australia's ABC. It's very funny; makes some great points about leadership, diversity, complexity and change; and features my new, favourite person Helen Razer, co-author of A Short History of Stupid: The decline of reason and why public debate makes us want to scream, available on Kindle and hard copy. Enjoy! (Apologies for absence of sub-titles.)

Watch the debate here »

Published 21 November 2014 | Source: ABC Big Ideas

Might the world be a better place if women had real power in shaping its future? This is the question pondered in this debate.

The panel features only women, which is a first for our Intelligence Squared debates. It’s rowdy, rude, highly opinionated and humorous. These women have lined up in fierce but friendly opposition.

The team for the motion that society would flourish under female rule is comprised of Diane Smith-Gander, a business woman and director of Wesfarmers, Kerry Chikarovski, the former leader of the New South Wales Liberal Party, and feminist warrior and academic Eva Cox.

Arguing against this point of view is journalist and broadcaster Helen Razer, philosopher and writer Nicole Vincent, and author and activist, Jane Caro.

Simon Longstaff, the solitary man, moderates this feisty debate at the City Recital Hall in Sydney.