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Posted by Philip on 2 November 2011, 10:18 am in , , ,

Political leaders are actually political managers

Seth Godin recently wrote: "Managers want authority. Leaders take responsibility."

I tried to watch the recent so-called Leaders' Debate between Key and Goff but, quite frankly, I got bored. But the little I did see seemed very much like the two arguing for authority, not taking responsibility.

I have no confidence in the current political system in this country nor, generally, those who partake in it, because it is polarised and ego driven. If, as we are told, MPs were our elected, representative leaders, they would be collaborating and negotiating, being generous and creative. They would be taking responsibility for creating a constructive, civil leadership environment. They would understand that there are no "right" policies and decisions — there are simply outcomes, good and bad, from any policy or decision, to which a plethora of sensible responses are needed.

If this were understood, we may even end up with a National/Labour coalition, which would probably be the best Government NZ has ever seen.

This won't happen, however, while our leaders continue simply to compete for authority.

Yesterday I started a Facebook page called If I could, I'd vote "No Confidence" in the NZ election on 26 Nov. I did it because I really don't want to vote for anyone. If I do end up voting, it will be for whomever I think will do the least harm, should their authority be sanctioned by the majority. I'm fed up with that type of government (not just here but globally) and I'm interested to know if a significant number of others share my views.

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