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Posted by Philip Patston on 30 October 2005, 11:30 am

Media Release: Gay disabled comedian: Eradicate me!

Gay, disabled comedian and social entrepreneur Philip Patston believes he should be eradicated, as a warning to anyone who thinks they should be the beneficiaries of political correctness.

“Dr [Wayne] Mapp (the National Party’s new “Political Correctness Eradicator”) and his colleague, (opposition leader) Dr [Don] Brash are obviously right when they say political correctness should be eradicated. They are doctors, after all,” said the comedian, who admits he has been guilty of promoting political correctness as a diversity consultant.

But he has seen the error of his ways. “At first I was angry, but I now see that [author of "Once Were Warriors] Alan Duff is quite within his rights to expect disabled people to accept that life is unfair.”

“I agree with Mr Duff that children’s rights should come first,” said Patston. “Except disabled children and children who might become disabled later in life. And of course, children who may grow up and choose to be gay. We need to develop ways to identify these risk factors so that we can eradicate them as soon as possible, so they do not become a burden on society.”

The self-confessed vegetarian has offered to meet with Mapp, Brash and Duff to discuss the most cost-effective means of eradication, but said he would be happy for them to decide among themselves to avoid unnecessary consultation. He said he would immediately pay back the social entrepreneur grant he received in 2003 to promote disability arts in NZ.

Patston has also volunteered to give up the Billy T Award he won, which he says was only awarded because the judges wanted to be fair. He has also suggested the Shortland Street episodes, in which he starred in 1999, be destroyed for politically correctly portraying his character, Josh Sinclair, as a successful disabled businessman.


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