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Posted by Philip on 17 July 2017, 3:15 pm in , , , ,

Limp wrist

I woke up on Saturday morning to find I couldn't lift my hand up with my when my palm was facing downwards. No pain, no numbness, just intermittent pins and needles or tingling and no power in the upper side of my wrist.

Limp wrist

I can move my fingers and grip, though not as powerfully as usual. If I put my palm facing upwards I can lift my hand up. My coordination is not as good as normal, which isn't saying much.

I can't use my keyboard (I'm typing this with my left hand, using my mouse and onscreen keypad) or my iPhone, except with my nose.

And I can't drive. Pure irony. I said to many people last week, "I've finally mastered that bloody car."

But I'm being very intentional about not catastrophising this change in function. Whether it's temporary or permanent, I will adapt and be creative about living with an even more unique function — and having a limp wrist is so gay. I'm not denying it's annoying and frustrating but life in all its diversity will go on...and on and on and on (that's another post).

So, I'm seeing my GP & a physio tomorrow. I wonder if my Dr Google self-diagnosis of radial nerve dysfunction is correct!

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