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Posted by Philip on 17 November 2010, 9:44 am in , ,

Jailed father highlights Ministerial hypocrisy

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This morning I was incensed to read that "an Auckland man has been jailed and his partner given community detention for dishonestly claiming nearly $26,000 (over seven years) in carer support payments for their disabled child."

Meanwhile MPs are misusing perks for business gains; and health providers including GPs, pharmacists and rest homes are ripping off millions according to Health Ministry figures.

Why was anĀ Auckland rest home owner sentenced to only three times the sentence (18 months' jail) in March 2007 for falsely claiming more than ten times that of the parents ($300,000)?

Will Pansy Wong be tried and sentenced, along with her other misspending colleagues?

And where is the justice in jailing a father of a disabled child? How will that impact on the care and protection of that child? Is the disabled community so well resourced that claiming $3500 per year could be seen as any kind of pecuniary gain?

Seems to me a very uneven, hypocritical playing field needs levelling. Politicians, health bureaucrats and the Crown Law Office: shame on you all.