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Posted by Philip on 12 December 2016, 8:22 pm in , , ,

From Key/English to English/Bennett

So we've seen probably one of the quickest voluntary political leadership changes since I don't know when. In NZ? In the world? I don't know. But I'm not aware of another political (or any) leader give a week's notice.

Trust John Key. He's such an arrogant wanker. Only he could say, "I'm bored. I'm over it. I'm off to Hawai'i next week. Sort it."

And his cabinet, his caucus, just rolled over — "Yes, Daddy John. We'll miss you but we'll pretend everything's ok."

I'm no political analyst. I'm assuming it wasn't a shock to his colleagues. But it was a shock to the public — and my circle of friends and close colleagues are waiting for the scandal. Son Max having an illicit gay affair is our favourite fantasies.

Fantasies aside, though, we've got a big political shift to deal with. We've gone from state-house-made-good supported by catholic-social-conservative to the absolute opposite.

Catholic-social-conservative supported by state-house-made-good . Cringe.

I've often endorsed Brian Edwards' critique of John Key. Such an astute observance of Key's arrogance: "I did it - so can you. And if you can't, well, don't worry. I'm here."

And while it has always infuriated me, I think Paula Bennett tells the same story as John Key — with a little less faux empathy. She has a few more socio-political ticks than Key — Māori, single mother, unemployed woman — so she can afford to say, "I did it, so can you." In fact, she called this the NZ opportunity on RNZ's Checkpoint.

I have no predictions. English says he's ok with marriage equality (isn't everybody?) but he's against voluntary euthanasia (Key was personally in favour but politically timid).

English seems financially progressive (confidence via Finance Minister) but who knows what neo-liberalist self-actualising shit Bennett'll be whispering into English's Catholic, blaming ear.

Time will tell. As I said, I' m no political guru. I have no idea what will change.

But things will change. I'm waiting with baited breath for Labour and/or Greens to respond. They've yet to assure us their leadership is any more secure. The past does nothing to assure me.

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