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Posted by Philip on 14 November 2016, 9:37 pm in , , , , , , , ,

Everything's ok? No it's not.

It's ironic that a week after Trump gets voted as US president, NZ has another significant earthquake.

This is a quick post, just to make the point that anything you read, hear or watch, saying the world is ok — it's lies.

I'm tired and traumatised by the forecasts of Trump on world politics — just Google "Trump" if you want more detail. And here's an interesting historical analysis.

But consider also the number of natural disasters in the last five years (I can't find a useful link). Japan, Mexico, Vanuatu, US, Australia and others — earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, fires etc.

As dark as it seems, I'm steeling myself for a rocky future. I never thought I'd live through such a dark period of humanity's future/reality. But I think denying it is foolish.

I take this position not to be a nay-sayer.

Low expectations always evoke unexpected surprises.

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