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Posted by Philip on 25 June 2014, 6:27 pm in , , , , , , , , ,

Envy tax, says PM

Labour's "alternative budget" today announced, "High earners will pay a tax rate of 36 percent on income over $150,000. Currently the top tax bracket is 33 percent for people earning over $77,000."

The Prime Minister John Key's surly response: "Envy tax." It's a response that epitomises this Government's entitled, ungenerous and irresponsible approach to the economy.

Key's response is typical of the neo-liberalism of conservative politics. It erodes community, rewards greed and treats money, not only like it's an infinite resource, but that it's an entitlement to have more money than others.

The school-yard equivalent: Child arrives with no lunch. Deputy principal asks other kids to offer some of their lunch and offers some of his own. Principal tells deputy he's envious that some kids have lunch and others don't. 

Money is not an infinite resource, as I alluded to recently. It's not a reward for being good. It's one of life's necessities in the stupid monetary system we live in.

Our political leaders should, at least, be modelling a reasonable approach to taxation — at best, a generous one.

John Key, in my opinion, is not a leader. He's a selfish dick-tator.

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