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Posted by Philip on 17 March 2014, 7:18 pm in , , ,

Entropy sucks

decaying propertyIn the last two days my dishwasher, vacuum cleaner and hose have broken.

There are two explanations:

  1. Planned obsolescence
  2. The second law of thermal dynamics.

"Planned obsolescence or built-in obsolescence in industrial design is a policy of planning or designing a product with a limited useful life, so it will become obsolete, that is, unfashionable or no longer functional after a certain period of time." (Wikipedia)

The second law of thermal dynamics is just me being a bit of a wanker. "In thermodynamics, entropy ... is a measure of the number of specific ways in which a thermodynamic system may be arranged, often taken to be a measure of disorder, or a measure of progressing towards thermodynamic equilibrium. The entropy of an isolated system never decreases, because isolated systems spontaneously evolve towards thermodynamic equilibrium, which is the state of maximum entropy."  (Wikipedia)

The fact is that we are victim to two destructive forces — capitalism making sure things break quickly so you'll have to buy a new one (dishwasher, vacuum cleaner) — and nature which makes sure that things always decay into disorder (hose).

Don't fight either — they're bigger than us.

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