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Posted by Philip Patston on 27 March 2008, 10:36 am in , ,

Changing the past

I've always thought it's possible to change the past. This morning I've had evidence of that.

I used my experience of last night to introduce a workshop on Experiential Diversity - it set the scene perfectly. Then I had a very constructive conversation with Liz Nelson, Development Manager of the Skoll Center at Oxford, about access at this and future World Forums. In the space of two hours, last night seems more like an experience of exploration and opportunity than of disrespect and disempowerment. Using the past constructively myself as an example of the need for change and the prompt and positive response of Forum management have effectively changed my experience of last night.

I think it is useful to remember this phenomenon - we can't change the events of the past, but we can change our experience of it and its impact on the future, by acting constructively in the present and future. We also create a better past by intentionally constructing the present and future.

Thanks to Liz, vivian and others for their supportive responses.