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Posted by Philip on 17 August 2015, 5:17 pm in , , , , , , , , , ,

Cancer — what's the problem?

lung cancerLast week, three people I know within one or two degrees of separation, were affected by cancer — one was diagnosed, one came out of remission and one died. Call me sensitive, but I was a bit shell-shocked.

We've almost come to take cancer for granted — even accept it as fate. We see it as this mysterious medical problem that's suddenly become pandemic, at least in the western world. Meanwhile, friends tell me other life-threatening conditions like heart failure are decreasing.

So what's going on here? I'm not buying it.

The great thing about blogging is you can test out theories. That's all I do really — have an idea, rant about it and not give a shit how many likes I get.

So here's my idea about cancer — it's a social problem, not a medical one.

I see a western culture where there are so many people doing all these things:

  • working too hard and too long
  • responding to copious communication methods — emails, texts, mobile calls, Skype calls, phone calls, Facebook messages and posts, tweets, instagrams, Linked in, Tumblr etc etc etc etc
  • being the best, most creative, most innovative, most entrepreneurial, most scientific, most literary, most socially responsible, most changemaking as they can possibly be
  • keeping up ridiculous gym and food routines to keep fit and healthy
  • stressing about the above
  • eating MacDonalds and KFC and Pizza Hut and Wendys 
  • drinking coffee energy drinks and fizzy drinks with too much caffeine and sugar
  • drinking alcohol and taking drugs or not drinking or drugging
  • stressing about the above
  • reading blogs about yoga and meditation and reiki and the latest way to destress and relax and trying to fit it into their busy lives
  • stressing about not doing the above
  • being on the poverty line and trying to make ends meet
  • being rich and in debt and trying to make ends meet
  • having to have the latest car, gadget, brand, facial treatment
  • looking in the mirror
  • stressing about the above.

Got it? I'm bored.

The list is longer — do feel free to add to it in the comments.

But my point? That's a lot of pressure. No wonder we're all getting cancer.

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