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Posted by Philip on 10 July 2017, 11:31 am in , , ,

An interesting time

I recently read three very different takes on the world as it is now and how it compares to the past. One was this article in the Guardian, "The age of anger", another Margaret Wheatley's new book, "Who Do We Choose To Be?: Facing Reality, Claiming Leadership, Restoring Sanity" and the third, a book by Magenta Pixie, "Masters of the Matrix: Becoming the Architect of Your Reality and Activating the Original Human Template".

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All used very different lenses — political, historical, leadership, spiritual and more — but all had a similar theme. The world, at this time, is in a state of flux.

At the worst, as Wheatley says, civilisation is decaying, as it has many times over (every ten generations, according to Sir John Glubb (p34). She sees the leadership challenge as needing to be "warriors for the human spirit" and "creators of islands of sanity". Not, she insists, to try to stop the decline. Decay is part of the natural process and, in leadership, we can no longer act at any higher level than locally, if that. Our influence may even only reach to our communities.

The Guardian article drew similar conclusions, likening political phenomena such as the GFC, Trump, Brexit and terrorism to the cold war, world wars, the Great Depression and neo-Nazi sentiments. Like Wheatley, journalist Pankaj Mishra sees a world in chaos.

Mishra ends with a call for "greater precision in matters of the soul", which links in with Pixie's book. She channels "The White, Winged, Collective Consciousness of Nine" (a bit woo-woo for some but interesting philosophically), who remind of the linear time illusion of the physical or third dimension in comparison with parallel timelines in higher dimensions.

If all have a common theme it is this — now is a time of decline, endings and a need to be realistic about the cyclical nature of civilisations. Wheatley advocates servitude over hope, Misra soul over rationality, and Pixie self-mastery of destiny.

But one thing is clear.

Now is a difficult, significant and very interesting time to be in the world and it will get worse. Our challenge is to be the best versions of ourselves, kind, courageous and, I think, to have faith that we can ride it our for some benefit.

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