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Posted by Philip Patston on 22 October 2012, 6:45 pm in , , ,

A value-based community

In my last blog post I critiqued capitalism, which I redefined. I alluded to an alternative. Here it is.

Imagine for a moment, if you will, a value-based community, which is created around the members’ desire to move from a capitalist economy to a value-based economy. The community has one key commonality: the willingness to believe we don't need money to live well. This community understands that there are certain types of intrinsic value that cannot be measured in monetary terms.

It offers an opportunity for all members to receive equal resource in exchange for an equitable expression of value. In this respect, the people and things often forgotten, neglected and left unattended in today’s world – because they cost too much – are remembered, considered important and attended to, simply because they can be.

What would make a value-based economy and community work? Diversity and creativity. What are the three mediums of exchange? What you offer, what you need and how you negotiate your desires with others.

It's a lofty vision, I know. But I've heard that an audacious goal allays fears.

So tell me... would you be interested in creating a value-based community?