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Posted by Philip on 13 November 2012, 4:25 pm in , , , ,

A more creative way of getting kids to class on time

"North Shore students have been banned from hugging during school hours because too many of them - mainly girls - were consistently arriving late to their classes," reported the NZ Herald this morning.

"Takapuna Normal Intermediate School deputy principal Sue Cattell said teachers last week suggested to students that they keep the hugs outside of the school day.

"'[The teachers' talk] was to remind them that this is like their place of work and they need to be back on time,'" said Cattell.

In 2012, is this the message we want to be sending 11-12 year olds – that being "on time" is more important than hugging?

If being on time is so important, then deal with the time thing separately – tell kids to start hugging five minutes earlier. (By the way, I tell my friends, colleagues and employees that being on time is not as important than communicating that you won't be.) 

Better still, be creative and teach them this: the group hug. It leverages time – very efficient.

Photo: http://blog.icebreaker.com/2010/06/a-group-hug-for-team-icebreaker/