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Philip Patston

Managing Director, Diversity New Zealand Ltd

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Philip's purpose is to deepen awareness of diversity in creative, fun, non-threatening ways. His passion is leading change that embraces curiosity and inquiry into diversity, complexity and uncertainty. His vision is a society where all people freely share and celebrate identity and self-expression.

ABOUT Philip

At birth, Philip lost oxygen resulting in a neuro-muscular dysfunction with the somewhat ambiguous diagnosis Cerebral Palsy. Despite his parents being told he would never talk, walk or live independently, he started a BA in Psychology, trained as a counsellor and social worker, still runs a business and had a 15-year career as a professional comedian. He's lived independently since he was 17. Walking? Well, he did that too but gave it up in his forties.

He now develops leadership capacity in the areas of diversity, complexity, uncertainty and change. He and Diversity New Zealand's team work with individuals, teams, organisations, schools, communities and Government. Philip blogs regularly on sociopolitical issues, his work, life and existential crises. He's won awards and stuff that he's pretty proud of.

As a Caucasian, queer, cisgender man with unique function, Philip is openly sceptical of current notions of diversity and is vocal about new, constructive paradigms. His diverse experience firmly guides his lifestyle, work style and relationships.

In his leisure time, Philip enjoys the stimulation of meaningful conversation, the indulgence of red wine; the adrenaline of action, thriller and sci-fi movies; and an eclectic taste in reading. He has also written a significant collection of poetry/lyrics and has put some to music with videosPhilip is an early adopter of new technology; a pragmatic proponent of social media and a grounded believer in spirituality. He is also an active advocate of medically-assisted dying and a life-member of the Voluntary Euthanasia Society, to whom he provides social media advice.

Philip became chair of Auckland Council's Disability Advisory Panel in July 2017 and was invited onto the Health Research Council NZ's Development Group in June 2018

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(Updated July 2017)